Why Haircare is Self-Care
Why Haircare is Self-Care
Why Haircare is Self-Care

Selfcare is caring for yourself and putting yourself first. In a fast world of workaholism, self-care is very important. It helps protect the energy we need to succeed in the workplace and life in general. Self-care alleviates stress and promotes good health, so we can live full lives.  

As women, we need to take time out for ourselves more often and treat ourselves to something special, whether it's buying hair extensions or going out for a self-dinner. If you’re looking for the best human hair wigs in Indianapolis then we’ve got you covered. 

Haircare is a form of self-care; it is a form of investment in your self-confidence and happiness. Haven't you invested in your hair, maybe had a day dedicated to caring for your hair, and come out feeling fulfilled when you’re done? That's how fulfilling haircare can be. Properly investing in your hair also has numerous benefits, both for your physical and emotional health. 

How to practice Self Love with haircare 

 You can practice the following as a part of your self-care and haircare routine. 

 Get a scalp massage 

This is a great self-care idea. Research has shown that scalp massages ease tension and boost blood flow to the eyes, face, and hair follicles causing optimum hair growth. This is one of the perks of visiting a good salon and using extensions.  

Regular scalp massages with essential oils like coconut, hazelnut, and sesame also relieve stress and tension and have a calming effect on the scalp whether you have hair extensions or not. 

 Keep your hair hydrated  

Hydrated hair makes for healthy hair, so invest in hydrating hair products and treatments. Aside from external hydration, internal hydration is also important. Drink lots of water so you're always hydrated, this leaves your hair looking luscious and healthy.  

 Invest in a wig 


Not just any wig, a premium quality human hair. Wearing good wigs is a great way to help your natural hair rest. It's also an effective protective haircare routine that'll promote natural hair growth. Go crazy and try out blonde bundles, they prevent damage to hair from colored dyes.  Human hair extensions will also protect your hair from exposure to heat and frequent handling.  

 So, instead of subjecting your hair to the stylist's hand almost every weekend, consider a simple wash routine, finish up with cornrows and throw on a fine HD closure wigs. 

Having well-cared for hair makes you feel good and also improves your self-confidence. Investing in hair care can also be relaxing, especially after seeing the results. For all your human hair needs check out Vonzetta’s Lavish Hair Boutique.