13x6 HD Raw Indian Frontal Wigs

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Want a realistic, flawless look when wearing a frontal wig? Then our Raw Indian frontal wig is for you.

Excellent Benefits of Vonzetta’s Lavish Hair Boutique’s 13x6 Raw Indian Frontal Wig:

Model: Raw Indian Wavy 

Sets A New Hairline:

Our wig recreates a new undetectable hairline because of its HD lace. It melts in the skin and resembles any skin tone. The baby hair at the front gives the illusion like hair is growing out of your scalp. 

Hides Hair Problems:

All problems like receding hairline and hair thinning at the partition line will be gone effortlessly. The breathable high-quality material ensures your hair has an encouraging environment to grow. 

Offers High Styling Versatility:

Our Raw Indian frontal wig offers high styling versatility. You can part anywhere at the 13x6 front and make various hairstyles like buns, braids, half-up half-down hairstyles, and open hair.


Our wig has high-grade construction, and its hair is Raw Indian hair. With everyday wear, this wig can last up to four years, and high care makes it last even longer. 

Features Of Our Raw Indian Frontal Wig:

  • 100% Premium Raw Indian Hair
  • Customized (Pre-plucked, baby hair)
  • Hair density: 180% - 200%
  • Lace: HD 
  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Color: Natural
  • Cap Size: Medium (21 inches - 22 inches) [This cap size fits almost every woman.]
  • Texture: Straight, Wavy, Cambodian Wavy, Burmese Curly 
  • It lasts up to 4 years with proper care
  • Custom wigs take three days to make
  • Wig textures that are Not Shown search bundle textures to view texture. Example: Curly Bundles will give you what bundles are used for Curly Wigs. 

How To Care for Raw Indian Frontal Wigs?

Rock our Raw Indian frontal wig daily, but care is a must. 

Brush the wig when needed to avoid tangles formation. Use a heat protectant to avoid heat damage. To keep the wig style intact, store it on a mannequin head with a silk scarf or our silk hair bags when not wearing it.