Luxurious New Year Hairstyles to Walk In 2023 Like A Star
Luxurious New Year Hairstyles to Walk In 2023 Like A Star
Luxurious New Year Hairstyles to Walk In 2023 Like A Star

We know one of your new year's resolutions is to glow up your look. Let us tell you a secret; hair is the crucial factor that uplifts a woman's appearance, even in simple makeup and dress, so don't ignore hair appearance and style.

We, Vonzetta's Lavish Hair, are here to help with that. In this blog, you will learn about luxurious New Year hairstyles to walk in 2023 like a star. Yes, "like a star" means we included our top picks of iconic celebs' hairstyles. Our experts have selected them with deep research to give you a flawless look. Can't wait to see hairstyles? Let's scroll!

Step One: Get Hair Extensions

Long, luscious locks boost a woman's confidence, communicate her social status, set the tone for her entire look, and make her feel like she can conquer the world.

So, hair extensions are necessary for your glow-up. Temporary hair extensions, i.e., tape-ins, serve the purpose best. Let's add instant volume and length to your hair, and you are a few minutes away from rocking gorgeous hairstyles.

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Step Two: Choose and Make a Hairstyle 

Hairstyle 1: Cardi B's Loose Curls

Figure 1: Source

Cardi B's loose curls hairstyle is highly glamorous and simple to style. 

It's our 2023 New Year hairstyle pick to make you vibe high-fashion effortlessly. 

You can save time by prepping and styling our tape-ins extensions in advance. 

Start with creating the middle part. Loosely curl your hair outwards from your face. Apply for prepped extensions. Make sure to apply the extensions that go with curls patterns of specific sides. Blend them in by running your fingers in your hair.

Lock in the hairstyle with hair spray. Don't apply heavy products to keep the curls voluminous and bouncy. That's it; you are ready to flatter your style!   

Hairstyle 2: Zendaya's High Sleek Ponytail

Figure 2: Source

Zendaya's high sleek ponytail is chic and trendy.

We pick this hairstyle to give you a classy, modish vibe in the New Year 2023.

Start by applying our tape-ins at an angle to ease in making a high ponytail. Straight all the hair. Use a strong hold gel and rat tail comb to create a slick back look. Gather all hair at the crown and make a high ponytail.  

Remember to lay your edges and style them in a simple, little swoop style. Apply leave-in conditioner in the ponytail length to avoid frizz. And you are ready to slay! 

Hairstyle 3: Beyoncé's Low Ponytail with Hollywood Glam Waves:

Figure 3: Source

We picked Beyoncé's low ponytail with Hollywood glam waves hairstyle to give you an oh-so-elegant and high-end look in 2023. 

Start with a deep side part on your straight hair. Apply our tape-in extensions to add fullness and length to hair. Make a low ponytail. Conceal the ponytail base by wrapping hair strands around it. 

Afterward, create Hollywood glam waves with a curler. You can do it by wrapping hair strands on the curler. Keep the first wrap straight, then do the rest of the wraps by twisting hair when wrapping on the curler.

Applying styling cream before starting the hairstyle and finishing with hair setting spray. Voila! You are ready.   

Hairstyle 4: Rihanna's Messy Updo

Figure 4: Source

We picked Rihanna's messy updo to help you achieve an alluring, inspiring, and sassy look for the New Year 2023. 

Start with the middle parting of the hair. Apply our tape-ins. Straighten out hair to blend tape-ins with natural hair. Use a leave-in conditioner. Tie all hair in a messy top knot bun leaving the face-framing layer at the front. 

Use strong hold spray, and you are good to go!

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