How to Maintain Your Curly Hair
How to Maintain Your Curly Hair
How to Maintain Your Curly Hair

You have just purchased curly hair and aren’t too sure how to maintain it because you are used to other textures and that’s okay! Curly textured hair entails a more extensive hair care routine because of the structure of its strands. So, keep in mind when going after those curly bundles that some work goes into keeping those curls bouncing. If you are purchasing virgin hair, it was collected from a real person meaning it is natural hair and needs to be maintained as such.

Always keep your curly hair moisturized! Curly textures lean on the high porosity side meaning they absorb moisture from the air when they are not moisturized. This can cause the hair to swell, have the potential to become rough and loose their natural curl pattern. If not moisturized hair can also get matted and tangle very easily.

Here are 3 ways to keep your curly hair moisturized:

1. Spray hair with a water 

Do not spray at night unless you are going to dry because you do not want to sleep on wet bundles.

2. Deep conditioning 

Just like your natural hair when you deep condition you are leaving behind moisture to keep hair hydrated.

3. Use a moisturizing shampoo or conditioner

Like the deep conditioning it adds back the moisture lost
Even though this isn’t your natural hair, it is an investment and needs to be maintained in a way that you are getting the most out of your hair.