How to Celebrate Juneteenth
How to Celebrate Juneteenth
How to Celebrate Juneteenth

What’s the one celebration black people all over the country look forward to every year? It’s Juneteenth! The special day that celebrates all of our achievements as a people and most especially the day that all black people in America gained freedom from slavery!  

In 1865 on the 19th of June precisely, Federal troops stormed the city of Galveston in Texas to enforce the freedom of all slaves. Freedom had been declared over two years prior to that time but the news got to Texas a whole two and a half years after. On the 17th of June 2021, Juneteenth became an official federal holiday.  

Why do we celebrate Juneteenth?  

That day represents freedom, peace and the day black people got their lives back! According to history, it's the day we truly started to take breaths of fresh air, so it’s definitely worth celebrating. 

On that day, black people all over America fly the Juneteenth flag. The flag comprises of the color red, blue, and white. According to the National Juneteenth Observation Foundation, “The red, white, and blue communicate that the American Slaves and their descendants are all Americans”.  

The official Pan-African flag that dates way back to the 1920’s has the colors black, green and red. Don’t be confused when you see both flags flying at Juneteenth cookouts and rallies, they both represent the same thing and that’s our freedom!  

How to celebrate Juneteenth?  

Juneteenth is best celebrated with family and friends, eating and drinking! But of course, the celebration will not be complete without the flying of the Juneteenth colors. From Juneteenth bracelets to beautiful hair, Juneteenth graphic tees and dresses there are so many ways you can show up and show off on Juneteenth.  

Let the world know what day it is, you can never wear too much Juneteenth merchandise. Don’t stay away from cookouts, rallies and get-togethers, the beauty of the special day is in the people we get to celebrate it with.