Explaining All About Tape-ins - Is It Suitable for You?
Explaining All About Tape-ins - Is It Suitable for You?
Explaining All About Tape-ins - Is It Suitable for You?

Tape-ins are trending. Beginners are looking for precise information about it to know why tape-ins are trending and if they are a good fit for them. We are explaining all of it here. Stat! 

What Are Tape-in Extensions?

Tape-ins are semi-permanent extensions that consist of a 1-inch-wide double-sided pre-taped weft with gentle medical-grade glue. 

Double-sided tape's one side has already stuck to the weft's hair. And the other side will attach to natural hair.

Tape-ins are applied by sandwiching hair between a set of tape-ins (two tape-ins). 

These are not damaging to hair if a woman gets it reinstalled according to the suggested period. 

Tape-in extension lasts 6 to 8 weeks before it needs to be changed and reapplied.

The removal process involves the use of bond removal that will slide out tape-ins luxury hair extensions. 

If you search for "average cost of tape-in extensions in Indiana near me," you'll see tape-in costs range from $200 to $400.  

Advantages of Tape-ins Features That Makes It Trending

  1. Quick to Install and Remove:

When it comes to hair extensions' installation, all think that it's going to be tedious and prolonged. But this is not the case with tape-ins. It takes only 20 to 60 minutes to install tape-ins on the whole head. You can have them installed during lunch break.

Also, the tape-in bond removal takes 1 to 3 minutes to loosen each bond, and it will not leave residue on the hair. 

  1. Comfortable:

Tape-in luxury hair extensions are emotionally and physically comfortable. 

Number one: You will not feel anything like aggressive rubbing when you place your head over the pillow, someone pats your head, or you flip your hair. 

Number two: You will not touch your hair, checking if extensions are still hidden (If you are wearing tape-ins that match natural hair color.

In other words, tape-ins are stress-free and a confidence booster. 

  1. Lightweight:

Tape-in extensions are designed to be lightweight and adhere well to natural hair. It does not cause any discomfort or tension at the roots. 

While on the other hand, other extension types put pressure on roots, increasing the risk of hair loss. The metal clips can even cause allergic reactions on sensitive scalp.

  1. Reusable:

Here is the most fantastic part. If you used tape-ins with care and these are in good condition, these can be reused. The stylist/hairdresser just removes the old tapes from extensions and applies new ones to be re-applied.

  1. Suitable for Thin Hair:

Women with thin hair always seemed worried when choosing hair extensions because most offer bulkier and thicker applications. At that time, tape-ins help them. Tape-in luxury hair extensions are thinnest and flat. Its bonds are designed to stay invisible.

  1. Least Maintenance:

If you are a woman with a busy schedule, tape-ins are a wise choice because tape-in maintenance will be hassle-free. 

Visit the salon every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. If you need to re-apply the extensions, it will take 30 to 60 minutes.

  1. Waterproof:

Tape-in bonds are waterproof. Sweat, being in the rain or swimming pool, does not cause tape-ins to slip down.

What Ensures That Tape-ins Are Suitable for You?

Tape-ins provide amazing advantages, but it is possible in two ways for you to enjoy its benefits and make them suitable.

First, don't install tape-in luxury hair extensions by your spouse, bestie, or unprofessional stylist; it is more likely to damage natural hair or extensions. 

Second, we highly recommend you not to pick lower-priced tape-in extensions because these have a shorter lifespan, and you end up spending more money in the long term. Also, ridiculously low-priced tape-ins have high chances of low-quality tapes or toxic glue that can lead to scalp or hair health issues.

So, you must have a supplier that focuses on quality, like Vonzetta's Lavish Hair, and provides tape-ins at economical prices. Why wait? We are ready to deliver consistent quality luxury tape-ins to make you and your customer happy; Click Here.