4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month
4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month
4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Women are always at the forefront of change and even when we aren't in front, you can find us backstage pulling the strings, making things happen. This month, as much as you celebrate the women who have come before you and their impact, celebrate YOUR greatness.


Give yourself a pat on the back for those little wins. There are so many ways to celebrate yourself and the women around you this month, but these are our favorites.


1. Support Women-Owned Businesses  



Women always have to do extra to stay on top of the food chain. We are constantly fighting to see that we get our flowers when due in every industry. So if you know any small business owned by a woman do your best to support it. Women represent the minority of business owners in the world today.


Many women sponsor their businesses personally and of course, pour in lots of energy and effort into making sure that it stands out. Whether it’s buying hair from a woman-owned business, getting your lashes done, or buying some customized skincare products, do whatever you can to show your solidarity this month.


 2. Premium Self-Care

It’s beautiful to celebrate the women who have come before you but it’s even better when you celebrate yourself! Allow yourself to indulge in some self-care this month. Buy that fine Indian wig you’ve had your eyes on for a while, order that book, go have that special dinner, try out different hairstyles, wrap your hair in silk and go have fun with your day one girl! Celebrate YOU!


3. Celebrate the Women who have Helped you in your Journey through Life 

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 A little shout-out goes a long way! Send a thank you card to the women who are close to you. You know your ride-or-die girls, your mom, your sisters, all of the women who have supported you in one way or another. Send them gifts or leave them a heartfelt message.


4. Support Women Creative/Artists

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Women creative’s like authors, writers, painters, artists etc. already have it hard in their various industries trying to establish themselves. Your support will go a long way in encouraging these strong women to continue! Buy books from women authors, pass the day jamming to women musicians, and support female writers in any way you can.


Women all over the world deserve all the love and support they can get.